MASAR is a new way of designing programs. It takes into consideration the interests of students and puts entertainment and enjoyment at the heart of the learning experience. By integrating gamification and competition into the programs available to SPARK's scholarship students, we aim to ignite their ambitions.

Through MASAR, students will be able to choose from a variety of educational and training programs, offered by the INJAZ Lebanon, Kiron and Berytech, ranging from 2 up to 50 hours and covering different topics that cater to the youth’s interests such as entrepreneurship, finance, arts, career, digital skills and much more.

MASAR is funded by the European Union, through the EU Regional Trust Fund in response to the Syrian crisis, the EU Madad Fund in partnership with INJAZ Lebanon, Kiron and Berytech, as a part of SPARK programmes that provides participants with the skills needed to pursue their future careers, goals and aspirations.


MASAR with Kiron

3 learning pathways | 52 to 55 hours | Certificates of completion

Kiron is offering you three new learning pathways freshly made for MASAR that focus on digital skills, programming, English communication and other soft skills. For each pathway, you will have the support of an Arabic-speaking tutor whom you will meet online on a weekly basis. And the bonus is that you will receive certificates of completion free of charge! Click here to check the full program details and FAQ.

Digital Skills Pathway

If you ever thought of becoming a coder and launching a platform of your own. Here is your chance! Within this program, you will learn the basics of web development (HTML, CSS, and Javascript) with practical exercises, and of social media marketing. In 52 hours (+/- 12 hours per week) over two months, you will be able to code a basic web page and market it internationally through social media.

Digital Literacy & Soft Skills Pathway

Willing to develop your self leadership and ready for your first internship or shadowing experience? Or simply willing to work on your personal development? The digital and soft skills learning pathway is the right fit for you. In 55 hours ((+/- 12 hours per week)) over two months, you will learn the basics of English communication, of Microsoft Office Suite (Word and PowerPoint), self-leadership, and prepare you for your next internship.

Soft Skills Pathway

On your way to university? The soft skills learning pathway comes right on point for you. Not only will you boost your English communication, but you will also learn some self-management tools and prepare yourself for your first internship! In 52 hours ((+/- 12 hours per week) over two months, You will learn to become a better communicator in English, a model student, and champion at managing your time, challenges, and professional relationships.

MASAR with Berytech

1 set of 10 courses | 20 hours | Certificate of completion

Berytech is offering a series of online trainings based on a set of skills and knowledge needed to kick off your entrepreneurial journey! This course set will help you acknowledge what being an entrepreneur really entails and will take you through the whole journey from ideation to pitching.

It will be a 10-session series of 2 hours each which will cover every corner of what you need to know to give a chance for your idea or startup to evolve and be sustainable. In these uncertain times, starting from the basics is essential to get prepared mentally and skill wise to undertake the challenge of starting your own business. Click here to check the full program details and FAQ.


8 learning circles | 10+ programs, 4 to 16 hours each | Certificate of completion

INJAZ Lebanon is offering you as MASAR participants the freedom to choose from a variety of training programs and topics based on your own interests and enjoyment through the 8 available circles. Enjoy a fun learning experience while acquiring skills such as launching your own projects, entrepreneurship, succeeding in your career, drawing a life map and financial plan, enhancing your artistic side or even upscaling your digital skills!

Each circle includes more than one training program offered under different levels and time commitment ranging between 4 and 16 hours. You will be able to take programs from different circles in parallel or to finalize all the programs within the same circle. Click here to check the full program details and FAQ.

MASAR with INJAZ Steps

1. Choose your Circle

  • Through MASAR, you will have the freedom to choose from 8 different Circles, each focusing on one general learning topic.
  • These include the Chat Circle, Career Circle, Art Circle, Finance Circle, Digital Circle, Entrepreneurship Circle, Talks Circle, and finally the Global Circle.

2. Get Trained

  • Each circle includes several learning programs and activities related to the selected topic in which you can participate.
  • Different levels of the programs are available within the same circle.

3. Collect Your Points

  • Upon finishing each training program, you will collect a minimum of 8 points and receive a certificate of achievement (depending on the training).
  • All the points will be multiples of 8 and the number will depend on the commitment time and attendance needed for each program and its length.
  • The more you participate in different programs and activities, the more your score will increase!

Choose your circle with INJAZ

Your journey in MASAR starts in the Chat Circle!

Once you register, you will start your MASAR journey in a welcome info session within the Chat Circle. You will get introduced to the different MASAR pathways and programs that are offered to you by the 3 implementing partners: INJAZ Lebanon, Kiron, and Berytech. Following this session you should be selecting the program you would like to enroll to.

Masar Graph - English
Discover Circles

Welcome Info-Sessions

Duration: 2 hours | Score: 8 points

Your journey in Masar starts here! During the info-sessions in the Chat circle we get to meet you and to introduce you to the different MASAR opportunities and programs that are offered to you by the 3 partners, INJAZ Lebanon, Kiron, and Berytech, while having fun through games and quizzes.

Following this session you should be selecting the program you would like to enroll to.

*Only 1 info session is counted per participant


Duration: 6 hours | Language: English | Score: 8 points

HeadStart program

Participate in engaging, academically enriching, and experiential learning sessions in work-readiness education and career perspectives covering resume writing, the science and art of interviewing, and an introduction to internships.

Attend a live mentoring session


Duration: 10 hours | Language: English | Score: 16 points

Steer your Career program

You will acquire the work-readiness skills needed to research, get and keep a job while developing innovative personal strategies to achieve lifelong learning pursuits and career opportunities.

Attend a live mentoring session


Head start or Steer your Career Programs

Submit a well structured CV & Cover Letter.

Attend a live mentoring session

Succeed in getting a 2 months internship & complete it

Unleash the artist in you!

Duration: 4-5 hours | Score: 8 points

The Art Circle will contain programs and workshops delivered by experts on music, film making, photography, poetry, design, painting or other. The specific subjects will be selected once we meet with you and based on your overall interests in either getting introduced to a new hobby/skill or improving your skills in these subjects.

*Only 1 event is counted per participant


Duration: 4 hours | Score: 8 points

Financial Fitness

Financial Fitness is a blend of group and self-paced program where students set their financial goals, identify their wants and needs and take part in a Financial Fitness challenge where they evaluate their own and their family's financial fitness.


Duration: 6 hours | Score: 16 points

Personal Finance program

Learn the fundamental elements of smart personal finances and how to set goals for lifelong financial needs and desired quality of Life.

Attend a live mentoring session.


Duration: 4 hours | Language: Arabic | Score: 8 points

Maharat Min Google program

It aims to help young people be ready for future job opportunities, advance in their careers, and/or grow their business online. Program is developed by Google Arabia in Arabic as an introduction for the full online course.

Attend a live mentoring session


Duration: 40 hours | Language: Arabic | Score: 24 points

Maharat Min Google program

Attend a live mentoring session

Maharat Min Google – Complete

Master the basics of digital marketing with Google’s free course accredited by Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe and The Open University. There are 26 modules to explore, all created by Google trainers, packed full of practical exercises and real-world examples to help the students turn knowledge into action. Upon completion of the program, students will receive their Google Certificate.

Attend a live mentoring session


Duration: 4 hours | Language: English & Arabic | Score: 8 points

Entrepreneurship & Sustainability

An introductory program focusing on sustainability issues and the role of entrepreneurs in achieving the Agenda 2030 and the sustainable development goals. Students are introduced to the 17 sustainable development goals and explore what roles they have as youth in achieving these goals through the application of innovation and the human centered approach.


Duration: 8 hours | Language: English & Arabic | Score: 16 points

Innovation Camp (ICAMP) program

Innovation Camp is an energetic and intensive introduction to entrepreneurship where students have to work in team to find a solution through a problem-solving and human-centered design approach and present it in front of peer jury and mentors from the business sector. The virtual ICAMP is given over two days with a span of one week in between during which student teams will be working on their assigned challenge.


Duration: 16 hours | Language: English | Score: 24 points

Social Entrepreneurship program

Your way to social entrepreneurship! An educational program with primary emphasis on social responsibility and entrepreneurial skills . You will have to come up with a project idea that impacts the community around you and start running it. Students will learn to recognize deficiencies in their communities and respond with innovative solutions.

Score: 8 points

You will get the chance to attend online or live speaking events where industry experts and business leaders will be sharing their professional journey and discussing beneficial topics such as career challenges, the emerging digital new world, etc.

*Only 1 event is counted per participant

Score: 8 points

Workshops, webinars and Innovation Camps (ICAMPs) where SPARK students from Lebanon will interact with those in other countries by organizing a challenge to be addressed in an ICAMP format, having cultural debates or having access to mentors from across countries.

*Only 1 event is counted per participant